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Critical difference between centrifugal Fan and Axial flow Fan

Jan 03, 2018

There are too many types and models of the fan . To select a suitable product , it is necessary to know the difference between them . In the case of centrifugal fan and axial flow fan , people will often put them together for comparison , so that it is possible to accurately illustrate the type of fan used in the operating conditions .

Compared with the axial flow fan, the centrifugal fan is characterized by axial air inlet and radial air, and the use of centrifugal force to do work, so as to increase the pressure of the air, precisely because of this. Generally in the same shape size and speed, centrifugal fan to produce more pressure than axial flow fan; But the air volume is smaller than the axial fan.

Axial flow fan is different, it is the axial air inlet, axial wind, and through the blade angle using thrust work. So in the same size and speed, the pressure is much smaller than the centrifugal fan; and in the axial direction of the structure, because the flow area is much larger than the centrifugal fan, so air volume more than the centrifugal fan.

In general, when we choose the fan, first of all, according to the two basic parameters which are air volume and total pressure of the fan needed. We can confirm the type and the number of the fan through the dimensionless performance table of the fan. But at this time, more than one product will meet the requirement, so it is necessary to combine the elements such as fan usage, process requirement and use occasion.

In the process of selecting the centrifugal fan or axial flow fan , the structure and the system resistance of the system pipeline should be taken into consideration to match the internal characteristics of the fan ; if the system resistance is large and the structure is small , it is recommended that the centrifugal fan be selected .

That's because the working volume of centrifugal fan is the amount of air discharged when it generates pressure to overcome the resistance of the system. For cooling, enough air volume is enough, and the amount of air coming out will make the fan consume no energy and even reduce engine efficiency.

However , if the situation is opposite , the system resistance is small and the structure is large , the axial flow fan is selected . Because the low pressure generated by the axial flow fan is sufficient to overcome the system resistance , large air volume can be discharged .http://www.jnblower.com/