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Daily maintenance knowledge of axial fan

Sep 03, 2020

Axial flow fans are widely used in various environmental ventilation environments, but many users do not maintain axial flow fans. The service life of axial fan is greatly reduced.

Daily maintenance of axial fan is as follows:

1.The natural environment shall be kept clean and clean on the surface of the axial fan, and dust and other debris shall be removed from the gas passage and the detritus axial fan hose on time.

2. It can only be operated when the axial fan is completely normal. In addition, in order to ensure that the power supply system equipment volume is abundant, the working voltage is stable, the operation of defects is prohibited, the power supply system route must be a special line, not a long-term temporary route.

3. In the whole process of operation, it is found that the axial flow fan has sound, the motor is more serious in heat, the shell is induced to start, the switch is tripped, and can not start, so it should be shut down first. In order to ensure safety, axial fan maintenance is not allowed. After maintenance, trial operation about 5 minutes, determine no abnormal situation, start again.

4. Fill or remove bearing lubricating grease from time to time according to the following natural environment standards (closed bearings do not need to remove lubricating grease during motor service life) to ensure excellent lubricating operation period of axial flow fan, A total of thousands of hours / times of closed bearings and motor bearings are given.

5. Axial fan should be stored in dry natural environment to prevent motor moisture. Protective measures should be adopted for outdoor storage and discharge of axial flow fan. During storage and transportation, axial fan sloshing should be avoided to prevent damage to axial fan.