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Daily maintenance of Air-Conditioning Fan and its cooling function

Jul 13, 2018

The impeller of an air-conditioner fan is an integral part of an impulse turbine rotor. It also refers to the wheel disc and the rotating blade on which it is installed. The wear of the impeller of air conditioning fan is related to the composition of abrasive, particle size, concentration, shape, impact velocity, impact angle, chemical composition of gas, properties, temperature and humidity and so on.

Daily maintenance of air conditioner fan:

1. In the long-term idle and reused air-conditioning fan, we should check whether the connection part is firm and reliable, whether the rotation is flexible, and then use it after trial.

2, check air through the air conditioner fan clean and dry, do not mix with impurities and excessive water vapor.

3. Pay more attention to the abnormal sound and vibration of the air conditioner fan in operation, such as when the abnormal situation is found, the maintenance should be carried out in time.

Effect of Lubricating Oil on Air conditioning Fan:

1. It can effectively reduce the friction between parts.

2. The normal function of lubricating oil is to reduce wear and tear

3. The lubricating oil can also act as a cooling agent.

Because of the effect of air conditioning fan, the equipment is in long-term operation, the surface temperature must be high, the addition of lubricating oil can reduce the friction and heat of the equipment.