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Determination of existing problems of centrifugal Fan rotor

Jul 11, 2019

1 The blade and the impeller are found to have cracks, and the blades shall be replaced.

2 If the radial runout of the rotor increases by more than 0.10mm, the reason shall be found and corrected.

3 The rotor journal has scratches, which can be polished with metallographic sandpaper.

4 If the vibration of the rotor increases and exceeds 30% of the alarm value, or the vibration value has exceeded the alarm value, the dynamic balance of the rotor should be checked.

5 As long as the journal is repolished, the blade and impeller are replaced, the dynamic balance of the rotor must be checked.

6 As long as damage (such as corrosion, impact of foreign objects, etc.), the damaged parts should be inspected and the extent of damage should be recorded.

7 When the axial compressor is overhauled, the crack inspection of the blade(crack caused by surge or the crack caused by the vibration fatigue of the blade)shall be carried out. The inspection scope is the first two stages and last two stages of the rotor.www.jnblower.com