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Difference between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan

Sep 09, 2020

Axial Fan:

The working principle is to drive the axial flow of air through the rotation of axial flow impeller, thus playing the effect of ventilation and ventilation. Axial flow fan because of its working principle, so its air pressure is relatively small. The shape size of axial flow fan is relatively small, mostly cylindrical, simple and convenient installation. The cost is relatively cheap. Axial fan is used in tunnel, small factory building.

Centrifugal Fan:

The working principle is to use the wind wheel to accelerate the air, change the wind direction and change the kinetic energy into pressure according to the principle that the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. Wind direction relative to axial fan, will change. Centrifugal fan air pressure is generally relatively large, the model is relatively large, installation is difficult. The cost is relatively expensive, but the cost ratio is high. Suitable for multi-scene use, mostly used in large and medium-sized factory workshops, civil buildings, large stores, power plants, air treatment equipment and so on.