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Difference between centrifugal fan and axial fan

May 16, 2020

In fan application, axial flow type and centrifugal type are the two most widely used types. We need to understand his similarities and differences in order to make the right choice in fan selection according to their own use environment. The following is a brief introduction to the two types of fans. axial fan is characterized by fluid flow along the axial direction of the fan blade. such as electric fans and exhaust fans in the home. The centrifugal type is to draw the fluid from the axial direction of the fan and then use centrifugal force to throw the fluid from the circumferential direction, such as blower, range hood. Axial flow fan: large flow rate, small pressure head. Centrifugal fan: large pressure head, small flow. The air flow direction of the axial flow fan is perpendicular to the rotation direction of the blade, and the air flow direction of the centrifugal fan is cut in the direction of the blade rotation.