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Difference between centrifugal fan and ordinary fan

Jan 13, 2020

Centrifugal fan is based on the principle of kinetic energy conversion to potential energy, using a high speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, and then slow down, change the flow direction, so that the kinetic energy into potential energy. A fan is often used in industrial kilns, known as kiln fans.

Centrifugal fan from a certain extent is the ordinary fan after the improvement, applied in some aspects after the special machinery. While this centrifugal fan may be more functionally diverse, it is similar in some infrastructure to its parts maintenance.

Just like the rotor that keeps the fan running smoothly. The rotor is actually a very small part, but the role played in the operation of the fan is very large, absolutely can not ignore it. In fact, the mechanism of this rotor is very simple, is a cylindrical structure, its main function is to fix the main rotating shaft, can let the fan smooth operation.