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Different types and characteristics of centrifugal Fan Blade

Jan 24, 2018

The effect of centrifugal fan is different with different blade types, the corresponding range of application is naturally different. At present, there are mainly four types of blades that centrifugal fan commonly uses.

One is the forward blade of centrifugal fan, whose outlet angle β 2 is greater than 90 °. High wind pressure can be produced during high speed operation, but the efficient is small. Impurity substance is accumulated between the blades for the forward type. Generally used in areas of general air volume but high pressure requirements.

The other is the corresponding backward centrifugal fan blade. Its blade outlet angle β 2 is less than 90 °. But because of its excellent aerodynamics, large air volume, low pressure and high efficiency, Most centrifugal fans are such blades, which are widely used in industrial, chemical, power plant and other fields.

Another type of centrifugal fan blade is radial. What's special about it is that the blade outlet angle β 2 is exactly 90 °. So the structure is simple and the production cost is low. Its parameters are between the forward type and the backward type, but its efficiency is low, so it is not widely used now, and it is only used in a few places such as mine because of its characteristics of not easy scaling.

In addition, some centrifugal fan blades are of the backward wing type, which is because the blade section is the same as the wing. However, due to the unique structural characteristics, the process required in the production process is very strict. The unique blade form enables it to maintain a certain range of power changes under the condition of large flow rate, which can protect the equipment safety of the fan.http://www.jnblower.com/