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Driving Safety and temperature selection of Air-conditioning Fan

Apr 09, 2019

Air-conditioning fan in use can make the air-conditioning grid close to the housing, ensure that the unfiltered air will not enter the carriage, in use can separate the dust in the air, grinding particles and other solid impurities, can absorb soot, odor, so in the air, Harmful gases such as co.

The air-conditioning fan can absorb the water in the car, so that the glass of the car will not be covered with steam, so that the driver can see clearly, drive safely, can effectively sterilize and deodorize, ensure that the air inside the car is clean without bacteria, and create a healthy environment. Can effectively intercept pollen, ensure that the flight attendants will not allergic reactions and affect the safety of driving.

If the air-conditioning fan chooses the lowest temperature, so the temperature selection is high, so that the engine cooling water heat through the evaporator hot air in the air-conditioning system through the open angle of the partition of the natural wind to adjust the temperature of the wind.

The air-conditioning fan needs to turn on the air-conditioning switch, if the air-conditioning is automatic, the blower will start the supply air automatically; if the air-conditioning fan is turned on, the air-conditioning compressor will start to take-off work if the air-conditioning fan is turned on.

When the compressor is turned on, the cold air is blown through the condenser exchange in the air-conditioning system, but the mixing ratio of the natural air, the hot air in the evaporator and the cold air in the condenser is also controlled by the selection of temperature through the partition of the system, the ratio of the hot air in the evaporator and the cold air in the condenser are controlled by the temperature selection. In order to meet the requirements of high and low temperature.www.jnblower.com