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Dust Exhausting Centrifugal Blower Exhuast Fan (C6-46)

Mar 24, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: C6-46

  • Usage: for Manufacture, Dust Exhausting

  • Pressure: 598-1283PA

  • Size: 280mm-600mm

  • Revolution: 960/1450/2900rpm

  • Voltage: 380V/3 Phase

  • Trademark: JN

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Iron

  • Flow Direction: Centrifugal

  • Certification: ISO, CE, SGS, CCC

  • Power: 2.2kw-7.5kw

  • Air Flow: 1065-11552CMH

  • Cooling Method: Direct Cooling

  • HS Code: 8414593000

Product Description

Dust Exhausting Centrifugal Blower Exhuast  Fan (C6-46)

Key Features And Applications:
C6-46 series dust exhausting centrifugal fan applies to distribute air-mixed materials such as wood fragment, fiber and dusty soil, be used in the place to exhaust dust and materials conveying. This fan has the features of big flow, high pressure, flat parameter curve, widely uses stable performance. The temperature of transmitted medium should be below 80 degree celsius.

Form of Fan:
C6-46 series fan has 7 model numbers, they are No. 3, No, 4, No. 5, No, 6, No. 8, No. 10 and No. 12. The fan can be made as left-rotated and right-rotated. Watching the motor by side, the impeller of fan rotates clockwise called right-rotated; The impeller of fan rotates anti-clockwise called left-rotated, marks R, and left-rotated fan marks L.
The direction of rotation could be made as clockwise and anti-clockwise, air inlet is fixed in side, and air outlet could be adjustable. No. 3. -No. 6 could be made as 6 different angles; No. 8-No. 12 could be made as 3 angles.

Structure of Fan
The fan is equipped with 6 pieces forward bending blades, flat front disc, black disc and cast iron hub. The impeller is balanced by dynamic balancing; Operating stable, principal axis is made of carbon steel. In order to install and maintain easily, except the housing of No. 3-No. 6 is whole fan, No. 8-13 is installed as two parts, jointed by screws.
Maintenance of Fan

Installation: Installed the fan according the dimension and location, the inner of housing for fan can not remain any sundries; Keep the levelness for the fan; Not only junction surface for fan and foundation, but also the joint of ducting for air inlet should be adjusted to be connected naturally, but can not be connected forcedly, can not put the weight of ducting into the fan, must ensure the horizontal position of fan.

Operating: After installation, the fan must be passed inspection then try the fan. The fan starts in the condition of the valve closing, prevent the motor is broken in the result of overload. New installed fan or repaired fan can not be trial operated in full more than 2 hours in full load. In the procedure of Open fan, stop fan or operating, if find abnormal circumstance happen, must stop to maintain.

Maintenance: Maintain the fan when stop the fan and insure the staff and equipment safe. Repaired fan must trial operates then put into operation, Remove the dust or other impurity in indoor of fan at fixed period.
To the lubricant oil when repaired the fan, in common, the fan should be changed the lubricant oil according to use condition.

For big power 3 phase asynchronous motor, when starting the motor, the current is so big, it is not allow to start the fan directly, should start the fan in Y- step-down starting method or other start method.~

Model No.Power
Air Volume
(m 3 /h)