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Electrostatic treatment and wide Application of plastic Mechanical centrifugal Fan

May 28, 2019

The plastic mechanical centrifugal fan has the characteristics of beautiful shape and compact structure, convenient maintenance in the process of installation, and low noise, high efficiency, wide power range and stable operation in the process of use. Widely used in plastic machinery, printing machinery, drying machinery, DC motor, air conditioning purification engineering ventilation and cooling.


The plastic mechanical centrifugal fan is mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, petrifaction, electric power, urban rail transit, textile, ship and other national economic fields as well as the ventilation of various places. Fan coil unit is mainly composed of centrifugal fan, coil heat exchanger and so on. It is the end device of central air conditioning system. Vertical open installation fan coil is widely used in hotels, factories, hospitals and exhibition halls. Shopping malls and office buildings and other multi-room or large space industry and civil buildings air conditioning occasions to meet the requirements of cooling, dehumidification, heating and so on.


The surface of the centrifugal fan of plastic machinery is treated by electrostatic spraying, the color is elegant, the appearance is beautiful, it can be placed directly on the indoor floor, matching with the interior decoration, easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain, and the performance is reliable.