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Energy conversion and Air Volume Control of centrifugal Fan in Power Station

Mar 08, 2019

The centrifugal fan in the power station can control the air volume in the process of operation, which can make it more effective and can help users reduce the consumption of energy. The following describes how to control the air flow:

When the centrifugal fan is used in the power station, we should pay attention to the control of the air volume, so that the true value of the fan can be realized effectively and the ventilation can be well reflected. Before we understand the control of air volume, we need to know some principles of centrifugal fan, which can help the user to control the air volume better.

According to the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, centrifugal fan of power station can accelerate the gas by using high-speed rotating impeller, then slow down and change the direction of flow, so that the kinetic energy can be converted into potential energy. In a single stage centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller directly from the axial direction, changes to radial direction when the gas flows through the impeller, and then enters the diffuser. In diffuser, gas changes the direction of flow and slows down, which converts kinetic energy into pressure energy.www.jnblower.com