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Energy saving measures and efficiency advantages of centrifugal fans

Aug 14, 2018

The impeller of a centrifugal fan is a very important part of the fan, and it is also a form of fan in operation. The main reason why the power of the centrifugal fan can be increased so much is that it depends on the impeller of the fan. The so-called impeller is that we usually see fan blade, many people believe that fan efficiency is improved because of its faster speed. Yes, fan efficiency is directly related to the speed of the fan.

The impeller of centrifugal fan is a kind of energy saving measure, which can ensure the same electric energy as improving efficiency. The impeller can improve the efficiency of centrifugal fan in two aspects, one is the diameter of impeller, the other is the inclination of impeller. If the impeller is larger in diameter, that means the centrifugal fan model is large enough. Then the power will be effectively increased, so, to achieve centrifugal fan efficiency, improve fan impeller is a feasible direction.

The centrifugal fan needs to check regularly the inlet and exhaust pressure and temperature of the fan, the liquid of cooling water or oil, the pressure and temperature of the air filter, and so on. Regularly clean and check air filters to keep them working.

The centrifugal fan should pay attention to the influence of inlet air temperature on the operating condition of its equipment, such as its exhaust volume flow rate, running load and power, the possibility of surge, etc., and adjust the throttling device of inlet guide vane or butterfly valve in time. To overcome the influence of inlet temperature on volume flow and operation load, the fan can operate safely and stably.http://www.jnblower.com/