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Energy Saving measures and Impeller inclination degree of centrifugal Fan in Power Station

Dec 10, 2018

The centrifugal fan of a power station is one of the fans in the process of operation. Its power is much higher than that of the general fan. The main reason is its impeller. The impeller of the plastic machinery centrifugal fan is the fan blade that we usually see in the fan. Many people believe that fan efficiency is improved because of its faster speed. Yes, fan efficiency is directly related to the speed of the fan.

The impeller of centrifugal fan in power station is a kind of energy saving measure, which can ensure the same electric energy as improving efficiency. The impeller can improve the efficiency of centrifugal fan in two aspects, one is the diameter of impeller, the other is the inclination of impeller. If the impeller is larger in diameter, that means the centrifugal fan model is large enough.

The impeller of the centrifugal fan of power station is inclined, if the inclination is small, then the power will be smaller. On the contrary, if the tilt is greater, the centrifugal fan power will become larger. But this is also within a certain range. When the centrifugal fan is working through the rotation of the fan blade of the centrifugal fan, it is forced to transport a certain volume of air out. The air volume of different types and different types of centrifugal fans is different. The relationship with rotational speed is also different.www.jnblower.com