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Fault causes of Fan Vibration

Apr 02, 2018

There are some rules to follow in analyzing the phenomena and causes of fan faults. Generally speaking, there are the following:

1. Design reasons: Fan design is generally based on the use of the fan environment, temperature, air volume, wind pressure, media and so on. However, some enterprises do not choose the type according to these factors, resulting in the existence of the following factors: Improper design of the fan, poor dynamic characteristics, vibration during operation; unreasonable structure, stress concentration; close to or falling into the critical speed zone of design work speed; incorrect calculation of thermal expansion, resulting in bad alignment of thermal state, etc.

2. Manufacturing causes: The quality requirement of fan manufacturer also affects the operation of fan. For example: parts processing and manufacturing is poor, the accuracy is not enough; The part material is bad, the strength is not enough, the manufacture defect; Rotor dynamic balance does not meet the technical requirements.

3. Installation, maintenance reasons: The installation accuracy requirement of the fan plays an important role in the fan operation. If the installation precision does not meet the installation requirement, it will destroy the fan operation. During the installation of the fan, there are the following influencing factors, Such as: improper mechanical installation, parts dislocation, large preload; poor alignment of shafting; improper adjustment of machine geometric parameters (such as matching clearance, interference and relative position); improper placement of rotor for a long time, which has changed the accuracy of dynamic balance; Failure to repair according to the rules, destroyed the original matching properties and accuracy of the machine.

4. Operating reasons: In the process of using the fan, the maintenance of the fan plays a decisive role in the operation quality of the fan. Such as: the process parameters (such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, load, etc.) deviate from the design value, the operating condition of the machine is abnormal; the operation of the machine under the overspeed and overload changes the working characteristics of the machine; the lubrication or cooling is not good; Local damage or scaling of rotor, improper operation of start-up or downtime, uneven thermal expansion or prolonged stay in critical zone, etc.

(5) causes of deterioration of machinery: General equipment in use have a certain number of years, to a certain number of years equipment performance will deteriorate. The same is true for fans, such as: long term operation, increased rotor deflection or dynamic balance deterioration; partial damage to the rotor, shedding or cracking; wear, pitting or corrosion of components; deterioration of the force on the matching surface, The interference deficiency or loosening has destroyed the matching property and precision, the settlement of the machine foundation is uneven, and the machine shell is shaped.http://www.jnblower.com/