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Fault maintenance of centrifugal fan

Jan 16, 2017

Centrifugal fan transmission parts wear is common equipment problems, including exhaust fan bearings, bearing housing, blower shaft bearings wear, and so on. For centrifugal wind machine above fault, traditional maintenance method has heap welding, and hot spray, and electric brush du,, but are exists must disadvantages: fill welding high temperature produced of hot stress cannot completely elimination, easy caused material injury, led to parts appeared bent or fracture; and electric brush plating by coating thickness limit, easy peeling, and above two species method are is with metal repair metal, cannot change "hard on hard" of tie relationship, in the force integrated role Xia, still will caused package rubber drum of again wear. 

To solve the above problems in contemporary Western countries the use of polymer composite repair method, and more is the United States a blessing blue system, with superior adhesion, excellent properties such as compressive strength, can avoid removal from machined. Help influence of welding thermal stress, repair the thickness without restriction and deformability of the metal does not have the product to absorb shock and vibration of the equipment to prevent wear, fault repair of centrifugal fan in the country has gradually replaced traditional methods in the application.