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Function and maintenance of Air conditioning Fan

Nov 03, 2018

The air conditioner fan is mainly made up of two parts: outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit is responsible for refrigeration or heating, and the indoor unit is responsible for transporting air or hot air to the room. The indoor hot air or cold air is transported outdoors through pipes to achieve the effect of cooling or heating.


Function and maintenance of Air conditioning Fan

1. In the long-term idle and reused air conditioning fan to check whether the connection part is reliable, flexible rotation, and after trial before the formal use.

2. Check that the air through the air conditioner fan is clean and dry, do not mix with impurities and excessive water vapor.

3. The air conditioner fan needs to pay more attention to the abnormal sound in the operation of its equipment, whether the vibration is increased or not, if the abnormal condition is found, it should be stopped and overhauled in time.http://www.jnblower.com/