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Functional requirements and universality of Air conditioning Fan

May 24, 2019

The air-conditioning fan is very suitable for various sizes and specifications of the air-conditioning box, the fan-type air-conditioning unit, the central air-conditioning unit and various purification and preparation of the construction and application of the industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, large-scale shopping malls and the like during the operation, and has the advantages of strong universality, high efficiency and low noise, And the air volume is large and the like. The delivery is not self-ignition, no corrosive gas, dust content of the gas and other solid content is 100 mg/ m3, and the temperature is-20-80 degC.

Functional requirements of air-conditioning fan

First, ventilation function. Through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, it can ensure that the indoor air is always new and fresh and natural.

Second, it is beneficial to human health to increase indoor reactive oxygen species and negative ion fans through special facilities.

Third, the frequency conversion energy-saving system is adopted to minimize the power consumption.

Fourth, the remote control of air conditioning is realized by using the network. Air conditioning not only pays attention to health, energy saving, low noise and comfort, but also innovates in appearance to make it more novel, fashionable and more decorative.www.jnblower.com