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How do I see the axial fan on the drawing and can I install it vertically?

Oct 11, 2017

1. In the drawings, how to distinguish the style of machine is a centrifugal fan or axial flow fan?

As long as you look at the fan housing, you can distinguish, Because the outer casing of the centrifugal fan is involute, the outer shell of the axial fan is round. Moreover, this is one of the main differences between the two fans, which is obvious.

2. What are the specific effects of axial fans in a distribution room, and can axial fans be installed vertically?

The axial fan in the distribution room mainly plays the role of ventilation, not the air supply. But this kind of axial flow fan can be arranged vertically. However, if it is outdoor use, it is necessary to do waterproof and anti debris measures.

3. why the axial fan inlet can not be blocked? In addition, in its material, whether there are a variety of options?

The air inlet of axial flow fan is a very important part. If there is an obstacle, then it will cause the fan to form negative pressure and increase the working current. So, it should be kept clear, There should be no debris around. Therefore, the air inlet is required cannot block the fan, in order to avoid the above problems.

The material available for axial fans usually are steel, glass steel, plastic, PP material, PVC material, aluminum and stainless steel etc.

Moreover, these materials are more common, so they can be chosen as needed, not a single one.