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How should the industrial boiler induced draft fan debug to be energy-saving and environmental?

Apr 15, 2019

In recent years, environmental protection has been taken seriously, so many enterprises are slowly starting to use boiler draft fans to improve environmental protection.

At present, the use of boiler induced draft fan in China is huge, and it is necessary to debug the boiler induced draft fan to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Then we will explain how to debug the boiler induced draft fan to achieve energy saving and environmental protection effects.

The conditioning method of the induced draft fan of the boiler is a necessary link to realize the energy-saving and environment-friendly of the heat-supply boiler. In general, the induced draft fan of the boiler is mainly used to reduce the power consumption by the method of frequency conversion and speed regulation. In the aspect of controlling the air volume, the traditional conditioning of the traditional induced draft fan is to adjust the opening degree of the damper baffle plate, and the electric power saving does not have a great meaning. After the variable-frequency speed-regulating skill is over, the frequency of the power supply is changed by using a variable-frequency speed regulator, the rotating speed of the induced draft fan is actively adjusted, and the air volume is reasonably adjusted. It is understood that most of the time the boiler is operating at full heating time is for full load operation, and this skill can save 40% of the power. It is necessary to pay high attention to the energy-saving of the heating boiler, to reduce the waste of energy, to continuously improve the social and economic benefits of the heat supply, to promote the development of the energy-saving and environment-friendly industry, and to help the envoys to reach the goal of sustainable development.www.jnblower.com