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How should the position of the kitchen use centrifugal fan be arranged?

Sep 13, 2018

The ventilation system should be DC, the kitchen ventilation system must use the variable speed fan or the associated fan to send air, centrifugal fan is a good choice. The layout of the outlet should be considered according to the specific position of the stove, so as not to let the air jet disturb the ventilation of the stove.


When the outlet wind speed of centrifugal fan outlet is used in kitchen, the area wind speed < 0.25m/s is ideal when it is about 2m distance from the ground. The outlet should be arranged in the direction of the exhaust hood, leaving the minimum 0.7m in front of the hood, and the farther the outlet is from the exhaust hood, the better.


When the kitchen is a part of a public building, it is desirable that the ventilator be located on the roof floor, so that the air duct can be placed in a negative pressure state, for the kitchen to use a centrifugal fan room, and the air duct layout of the kitchen should be located in the upper part of the kitchen; when the kitchen is a part of a public building, the ventilator should be located on the roof floor. Avoid smell overflowing.


Centrifuge fan should be used in kitchen exhaust machine, the exhaust pipe of kitchen should avoid long horizontal air duct as far as possible, and the exhaust shaft of kitchen should be aligned with exhaust duct to increase pumping force. Fire-proof, smoke exhaust kitchen exhaust system should be divided according to fire-proof division, as far as possible do not pass through the firewall, when passing should be fitted with fire valve.http://www.jnblower.com/