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How to change the rotation direction of the axial fan and the price of explosion proof type?

Aug 11, 2017

1.How much is the normal working temperature range of axial flow fan? In addition, what is the driving type?

The normal temperature range is -20℃ to 80℃.There will be adverse effects if beyond the scope. There are two driving type, one is driven by a single-phase asynchronous motor, the other is driven by three-phase asynchronous motor.

2.What are the main concerns to the price of explosion-proof axial flow fan?

Fan specifications, models, manufacturers, as well as explosion-proof grade.

3.How to change the rotation direction of the axial fan?

In the axial fan, in order to change its rotation direction, then the main thing is to look at the fan nameplate, because, according to different circumstances, there are different methods of operation.

First, if the axial fan nameplate is marked as "three-phase 380V", then the fan connection voltage is 380V three-phase power supply. At this time, only the two power lines can be changed at random, then the fan rotation direction can be changed

Second, if the fan is not three-phase power supply of 380V, but the 220V, then, is switching the one power line connecting the capacitor to the other end of the capacitor, thus, to change the direction of rotation of the axial flow fan. And, it is easier to achieve.


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