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How to check the anticorrosive fan before using

May 31, 2019

It is important for any mechanical equipment to start and work properly, but we do not have the ability to predict the future, and we do not know whether they will meet our expectations. We can help us achieve this wish by pre-use inspection, and for anticorrosive fans, the contents of the inspection can also help us deal with potential risks in advance.

The anticorrosive fan should be checked before starting. The items checked are as follows:

1. check whether the bearing has lubricating oil and cooling water, and whether they are unobstructed.

2. Check the coupling and protective device for the presence of articles that hinder rotation.

3. Check that the anchor bolt of the bearing seat is loose.

4. Check whether the fan is reversed before starting. If the reverse must stop it before starting.

5. check whether the fan inlet regulating door or the outlet regulating door is completely closed to avoid starting with load, after starting to the rated speed, then gradually opening the regulating door until the maintenance fan in the required position is in normal operation, It mainly monitors the current of the motor, which is not only the symbol of fan load, but also the prediction of some abnormal accidents. Secondly, it is necessary to check the lubricating oil of fan bearing, cooling water flow, bearing temperature, bearing vibration and the sound of friction and collision.

Whether the anticorrosive fan can be used well depends on the fineness of our examination, which is the same as the physical examination before a certain activity, so that we will have a full understanding of our physical condition, so that we can better cooperate with the next work. www.jnblower.com