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How to choose fitting reasonably for Axial Fan

Jan 31, 2019

Axial flow fan in the operation process is mainly rely on the motor, to drive the overall operation, how to choose this fitting reasonably?

When selecting the motor of the axial fan, the motor can drive the impeller quickly to the rated speed and work normally. The starting of the motor includes the whole process of starting and accelerating. The starting mode is divided into full pressure starting and decompression starting.


In order to select the starting method of an axial fan reasonably, it is necessary to analyze the starting time according to the capacity of the power supply network, the requirement of the starting torque of the mechanical load, the characteristics of the motor itself and so on. For example the capacity of the power grid is very large and the starting current of the motor does not cause a significant voltage drop on the power network. In addition the control lines and equipment of the power network allow the full voltage start to be adopted if the starting current is large enough in a short time. If the torque required by the fan during starting is not large and the power grid capacity is not very large relative to the motor, the main consideration is how to reduce the starting current and adopt decompression starting.


After the axial fan is installed, the flexibility of the fan rotation should be checked before starting, and whether there is clamping friction in the blade by hand. Check the fan and adjacent pipes for residue and other debris.www.jnblower.com