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How to improve the optimization design of centrifugal fan impeller step by step?

Oct 25, 2017

Centrifugal fan is one of the commonly used auxiliary production equipment in many processing enterprises. Mainly used for ventilation and dust removal system, in order to ensure the production environment and equipment cleanliness, protect the health of workers. This type of equipment is mainly composed of a casing, impeller, shaft coupling, shaft and other parts. The impeller is the core pneumatic part of the fan, which is responsible for generating wind pressure and transmitting energy.


So, the internal flow of impeller directly determines the centrifugal fan performance and efficiency. Therefore, in order to improve the impeller design to improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment, researchers have done a lot of work. In order to design an efficient centrifugal impeller, people study the flow law of gas in impeller from various angles to find a better method of impeller design.