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How to install centrifugal fan how to require?

Nov 21, 2018

Centrifugal fans are widely used in canteens, factories, large closed public places, mainly for the circulation of air, plays a very important role. When the whole unit is installed, it should be directly placed on the basis of a pair of inclined cushion iron to find leveling; and the cutting surface on the base of the centrifugal fan assembled in the field should be properly protected, and when the base is placed on the foundation, it shall be used as a pair of inclined cushion iron for leveling. Spindle and bearing assembly shall be checked in accordance with the provisions of the equipment technical documents.

Check the shape size of centrifugal fan foundation and the center size of each reserved cavity; Then the foundation is cut flat, the foundation bolt is placed, and the cushion iron is arranged. The cushion iron should be placed on the main bearing table board of the equipment, the frame bar or the two sides of the anchor bolt, as close as possible to the anchor bolt hole without affecting the secondary grouting; Pay attention to the manufacturer's installation mark, usually "a", "b" one, pay attention to distinguish the relationship between inlet and outlet duct, impeller rotation, etc.

After inserting the bell mouth of the collector into the impeller and fixed with wire, the whole rotating group of the centrifugal fan is hoisted into the predetermined position and the anchor bolt is installed. Then, the rotating group of the centrifugal fan is leveled, the motor is leveled and the motor is leveled. After the centrifugal fan is straightened, the upper half of the casing is buckled, and the collector and the housing are installed in place.

In addition, the air intake box should be installed, the inlet adjustment baffle door and the rest of the fan should be adjusted, and the baffle should be rotated flexibly; the blade plate should be fixed firmly and have sufficient expansion clearance with the shell when installed; The adjusting operation device should be flexible and correct, the movement should be consistent, the opening indication mark should be consistent with the actual; the final cooling water and lubricating oil pipeline arrangement should conform to the drawing requirement, the arrangement is correct, beautiful, and there must be no sundries in the pipeline.http://www.jnblower.com/