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Centrifugal Fan can match with bath heater

Dec 08, 2018

Now the bath heater function is becoming more and more intelligent integration, not only can heat, lighting, but also air purification, blowing, wind guide, air exchange as one of the functions. In the lighting, heating effect is ideal at the same time can also quickly remove the bathroom moisture, so that the bathroom more clear, dry, can solve the problem of mold caused by wet environment, which needs centrifugal fan to solve.

Especially for small bathrooms, because of their small area and relatively large water mist, the high efficiency centrifugal fan can quickly and thoroughly remove the fog, turbid air and odour in the bathroom by means of strong external circulation technology, so that the indoor air can be kept clean and clean. Thoroughly remove health risks in bathrooms and avoid breathing problems and even respiratory infections.

For high quality experience, centrifugal fan can remove indoor dirty air, odour and moisture in time, enhance air circulation, but also maintain low noise and even mute effect while having powerful ventilating function. In general, the exhaust volume of bath heater should be matched with the diameter of the outlet. In the case of the same exhaust volume, small tuyere will cause motor efficiency loss and wind noise will be relatively large.

The centrifugal fan commonly used on the market has 120-160mm large diameter size selection, with advanced multi-wing wind turbine design, airflow spiral adsorption, accelerate air flow, prevent from spreading everywhere, can effectively solve water vapor and odour, and keep indoor air fresh and fresh. The unique mute rotating shaft technology, with imported high quality double ball bearing motor that can run for more than 60000 hours without any trouble, is maintenance-free, quick start, high speed. It not only effectively increases the exhaust volume, but also greatly reduces the noise. Make the bath cool, comfortable and quiet.www.jnblower.com