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How to judge the efficiency of centrifugal fan

May 28, 2018

We use centrifugal fans in order to achieve a certain ventilation and ventilation effect in the places where they are used. This will improve the air quality of our production and life. The efficiency of fan is related to the effect of ventilation. With different types of fans produced by centrifugal fan manufacturers, the results achieved and the efficiency of their use are also very different. Let's take a look at the efficiency of centrifugal fans in use by what centrifugal fan which method to determine.

One hole is drilled at the inlet and outlet pipe of centrifugal fan, and the static pressure of inlet and outlet of centrifugal fan is measured. According to the static pressure of centrifugal fan, the operating efficiency of fan is estimated. This method is relatively simple, does not require a lot of professional knowledge, and this method will not affect the normal use of centrifugal fans.

The inlet of some centrifugal fans is equipped with adjustable air valves. If the opening of the regulating air doors is less than 95% in operation, the centrifugal fans must be in the state of low efficiency. Adjustment of the throttle can not be fully open, will cause two aspects of the impact. First, it will cause uneven inlet flow of centrifugal fan, and reduce the aerodynamic performance of centrifugal fan. Second, there will be pressure loss. Based on the centrifugal fan with flow rate of 100000 cubic meters per hour, the pressure loss per 100pa requires about 4kw power.

For the centrifugal fan using the hydraulic coupling, the mechanical loss of the coupling is 5% at the rated speed, and the mechanical loss at the rated speed of 75% is 28%. Thus, it can be seen that the efficiency of the centrifugal fan using the hydraulic coupler will be much lower.

We as  fan manufacturers provide users with these methods that can help them measure the performance of centrifugal fans, and these are the ways we often use to judge the efficiency of centrifugal fans. The methods we provide need to have a certain amount of technology to operate, so we require our users to master certain fan knowledge.