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How to make the centrifugal fan to balance

Feb 08, 2018

Centrifugal fans need to be measured and calibrated to bring them to equilibrium before they are put into service. Normally, the balance weight is added to the lighter part of the rotor or the heavier part removed. In addition, a handful of rotors, such as fan blades, can be balanced by bending the blades, that is, changing the shape of the rotor.

 Centrifugal fan imbalance in the opposite direction to configure the calibration when the weight can be achieved through a variety of ways, such as welding, the general projection welding method, the use of a certain width and thickness of the plate welding, with the length of Depending on the size of the imbalance, the general centrifugal fan impeller is also used for welding balance weight.

 In the balance of small motor rotor, it is used soldering method, according to the size of the unbalance amount of calibration to select the weight of soldering. Sometimes rivets can also be used as a counterweight, compared with soldering and other methods, this method can generally be accurately calibrated.

 If you need to unbalance the direction of the centrifugal fan weight, the drill can be used to drill on the rotor to eliminate imbalances; or boring, it is more suitable for large unbalanced large reduction gear rough balance In the precision balance is almost not used.

 Centrifugal fan rotor surface is relatively smooth, the general method of grinding to be used for correction; For turbines and large gears, sometimes chisel method of correction; There is a milling, usually in equilibrium with a uniform thickness of the tab Or to strengthen the ribs of the rotor, to be used in the correction of the convex part.