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How to use the fan to achieve high efficiency and energy saving

Mar 15, 2018

In the process of using the fan, it is not only to know how to use and maintain the fan correctly, but also to understand how the fan should be used efficiently and energy saving is the most important. Only by improving the efficiency of the fan can the use of the fan be more in line with the needs of the place. Some users also put forward such a question, fan efficiency has been improved, but the fan energy saving effect is greatly reduced, how to ensure the efficiency of the premise, but also to improve the fan itself energy-saving?

Both manufacturers and users need to attach great importance to this issue, the energy efficiency of high-pressure fans through the following aspects to introduce.

For some of the relationships between different flows, we also divided the adjustment methods into several different ways. That is, the regulation method has little effect on the energy saving effect, even not energy saving, but also the existence of excessive work consumption of the regulating device. The variable speed adjustment curve is close to the ideal curve. Therefore, the variable speed regulation method is superior, especially the energy saving scheme of variable frequency motor speed regulation is the best, but need to add frequency conversion device.

Regulating the fan is to make the fan's wind pressure or air volume up to a standard, the fan for artificial control. Through effective regulation, the high pressure fan can meet the requirement of flow or pressure force and save energy as much as possible under the condition that the fan can work stably. Although the user will adopt different adjustment methods, but achieve the same purpose, but there are some differences in the effect.

The choice of regulating mode is not only related to the effect of the fan, but also has a great influence on the energy saving of the fan. Therefore, choosing an appropriate regulation way can keep the fan energy saving effect on the premise of the same effect. Only in this way, the efficiency of fan can be improved, the efficiency of energy saving can be achieved, the fan can be protected and the efficiency of application can be prolonged.http://www.jnblower.com/