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Importance of painting quality of centrifugal Fan

Nov 02, 2018

The centrifugal fan needs to be sprayed when it is assembled, the main purpose of operation is to improve its overall cleanliness and anticorrosion performance, because once the painting effect is not good, this will have a certain impact on the fan.

1. In the centrifugal fan spray paint must be in place, specifically related to oil removal, decontamination, but also to make sure that welding and parts surface smooth does not allow for appearance defects; Then keep the primary color of the parts such as motor surface packaging.

2. Of course, the cleanliness of the environment is also important for the paint quality of the fan, so clean up the dust and surrounding objects on the ground; then adjust the pressure of the air pump to not less than 4 mpa. and the spraying device and objects shall not exceed 30 cm.

3. The paint used in centrifugal fan spraying should be matched according to a certain proportion in advance. Basically, the viscosity of the paint should meet the technical requirements and there should be no leakage spray, bubble, orange peel and other quality defects after the finish of the spray paint. When the fan has finished the anti-rust paint twice, it can ensure the fan has bright color, smooth appearance, good adhesion, and meets the technical requirements.http://www.jnblower.com/