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Improve the method of centrifugal fan leakage

Apr 26, 2020

Centrifugal fan is a kind of driven fluid ventilation machine, which relies on the input mechanical energy and increases the gas pressure to send gas side by side. It is well known that the leakage of centrifugal fan will lead to the decrease of outlet flow, thus the pressure becomes larger, which directly affects the exhaust effect of centrifugal fan. So how should we perfect the leak?

1Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal mechanical seal, also known as end seal, refers to at least a pair perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the end under the action of fluid pressure and compensation mechanism elastic force and the seal of the coordination of the maintenance of the relative sliding of the paste to prevent fluid leakage.

2 packing seal

Packing seal is also called compression filling seal, commonly known as disk root. After the packing is loaded into the packing chamber, it is axially compressed by the gland screw. When the shaft is in relative motion with the packing, it produces radial force due to the plasticity of the packing and is in close contact with the shaft.