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Improvement measures for more Energy Saving of Axial flow Fan

Nov 16, 2018

Axial flow fan in the process of use is more common, and in the use of equipment. In order to make the use more economical, we usually use a few measures to improve the operation to make it easier and more economical.

1. The axial flow fan can change the speed of the fan. There are many ways to change the speed of the fan, such as changing the speed of the prime motor (DC motor, multi-speed AC motor, steam turbine), or changing the transmission mechanism to replace the pulley or gear. Hydraulic coupling, etc., to change the transmission ratio.

2. Axial fan inlet flow guide adjustment. In order to change the air flow direction of the impeller by changing the installation angle of the blade before the inlet of the impeller, the method of changing the performance curve of the fan is called the adjustment of the inlet guide.

3. Change the length of the impeller. Each axial flow fan has high efficiency when it is designed and operated nearby.https://www.jnblower.com/