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In what cases the axial flow fan should be shut down immediately and its starting instructions

Jan 05, 2018

1 In what case , the axial flow fan should be shut down immediately ?

When axial flow fan is at work, we are mainly to monitor the electrical current, in addition to pay attention to if the running state is normal. When something happens, it is necessary to shut down immediately and test, in order to avoid serious consequences, then, affect the normal operation of the fan. There are mainly following three conditions:

First, sudden violent vibration of axial flow fan. Or the sound of a bump, a sound, a noise, etc.

Second, the motor current in the fan suddenly rises and exceeds its rated current value.

Third, the temperature of the bearing of the fan suddenly rises abruptly and exceeds its limit, that is, the temperature of the bearing is abnormal.

2 In what cases, the axial-flow fan should be checked immediately? In addition, is it to be run after the maintenance?

Generally speaking, if the axial flow fan suddenly has abnormal noise during operation, the abnormal temperature of the motor, the trip of the switch and the energized and unable to start the fan casing, it is necessary to stop immediately and can not be delayed . However , after the axial flow fan is repaired , it is necessary to run the test , and during the test run time , it should be about five minutes .

3 what drives the operation of axial flow fan?

operation of axial flow fan is driven by an electric motor, and its starting includes the starting and accelerating process of electrification. As for its starting mode , there are two types of full pressure and reduced pressure.http://www.jnblower.com/