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Influence of Radial clearance on Axial flow Fan and how to solve noise problem

Mar 23, 2018

1. What is the radial clearance of an axial fan? Does it affect the performance of the fan?

The radial clearance of an axial fan refers to the gap between the blade tip and the inner wall of the fan housing from a professional point of view. The axial clearance refers to the clearance between the two cascades of the axial fan impeller.

The radial clearance of axial fan has a certain effect on the performance of fan. If the radial clearance is too large and the negative pressure is high, the air pressure difference between the top of the blade and the two sides of the clearance of the housing will be larger, which will lead to the problem of radial air leakage and greatly reduce the efficiency of the fan. Therefore, in summary, fan axial clearance is related to noise, vibration and axial dimensions.

2. whether different axial flow fans are different in the form of the blade?

Axial flow fans can be divided into three types: small, medium and large. If small and medium, then the blade is plate, and blade from the root to the end, there is a certain angle of distortion. If the fan is a large axial flow fan, the blade is wing type, and the blade angle can be adjusted to meet the requirements of air volume and pressure. In addition, in the transmission, the fan is a belt drive or reducer transmission.

3. What is a low noise axial fan?

In the axial flow fan, there is a low noise axial flow fan. The origin of the fan is due to the problem of large noise in the use of the ordinary axial fan, so this fan will be developed in order to solve the problem of the use of the noise.

In order to reduce the separation and swirl of air flow through the blade, and reduce the secondary damage of fan and aerodynamic noise, the low noise axial flow fan adopts three wide forward swept blades and equal grid space structure to solve the above problems. Furthermore, the stability of air flow is guaranteed. In addition, the axial flow fan can be divided into three types: rotary, fixed and pipe according to its use and position.http://www.jnblower.com/