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Influencing factors and improving methods of centrifugal fan's pumping efficiency

Oct 23, 2017

Through the practice of the past, it can be proved that the centrifugal fan's pumping efficiency will directly affect the air volume of the fan. Not only that, in general, the centrifugal fan pumping efficiency will also be related to the user's economic costs. Therefore, to improve the centrifugal fan's pumping efficiency is what the user is going to do.

In order to improve the pumping efficiency of centrifugal fan and the effect of fan, it is necessary to know what is the key factor that affects the efficiency of fan extraction. So that targeted adjustment measures can be taken.

For the centrifugal fan, the outer convex condition of the baffle is directly related to the exhaust efficiency of the fan. The air flow field is extremely irregular due to the outer convex of the diaphragm, which will result in poor pumping effect. Therefore, as long as the shape of the exhaust baffle is changed and the layout shape is used as much as possible, the pumping efficiency of the centrifugal fan can be improved.

Secondly, the centrifugal fan's pumping efficiency will be affected by other factors. In a steady air flow field, the equipment can maintain a stable pumping efficiency. However, if the circumferential uniformity and radial uniformity are destroyed once, the abnormal flow phenomena such as stall of fan may be caused.

Although the above two methods can improve the centrifugal fan's pumping efficiency, it is not suitable for all fan equipment. That is to say, when we improve the fan performance, we must choose the appropriate method according to the actual situation and the restrictions of the place, otherwise it may be counterproductive.