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Inspection of bearings of Boiler Fan and pulverized Coal exhaust Fan

Oct 02, 2019

The bearing wear and corrosion of fan are mainly caused by the following reasons: insufficient lubricant or deterioration, rotor vibration, bearing misassembly, bearing frame damage and so on. The shortage of lubricants is often caused by carelessness and lack of regular inspection by operators. However, the deterioration of lubricant is caused by the improper selection of oil, and the bearing is caused by the increase of the action temperature of high temperature medium in the operation of fan, which exceeds the temperature of oil. Rotor vibration, bearing misassembly and bearing frame damage will increase the friction of the bearing, which will lead to the increase of lubricant temperature, so that the deterioration of the loss of due lubrication capacity, so that the bearing wear and corrosion.https://www.jnblower.com/