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Inspection of centrifugal Fan before starting

Sep 16, 2019

1 Close the air inlet regulating valve, and the air outlet regulating valve is slightly open.

2 Check the clearance of each part of the fan unit. The rotating part shall not be allowed to collide. The bolts of all the fixed parts shall be tightened.

3 Check that the bearing lubricating oil is adequate and in good condition.

4 For coupling or belt-driven fan, check whether the coupling or pulley is installed, whether the belt is installed reliably, and whether the coaxial degree of the fan shaft and the motor shaft is in accordance with the technical regulations.

5 For fans with water-cooled bearings, check whether the water supply of the cooling pipe is good.

6 Check whether the installation of electric line and instrument is correct and good.

7 In the process of motor starting, the operation of the unit should be strictly checked, and strong noise or severe vibration should be found. It should stop immediately, check the cause, and then eliminate it.

8 When the starting characteristics of the fan reach the normal state, gradually open the inlet regulating door until the required load is met.