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Inspection of industrial fans to ensure their normal operation

Oct 21, 2020

Before starting the industrial fan, it is necessary to check whether there is any foreign matter in the flow channel to prevent the impeller of the fan from being hit by foreign matter after starting, causing damage. And before starting, be sure to understand the operating instructions, operate the startup equipment as required, and start the fan in the order of first level and then second level, adjust the direction of rotation, and ensure the normal operation of the fan.

When the fan is running, the pressure and temperature of the fan inlet and exhaust, the liquid, pressure and temperature of the cooling water or oil, and the pressure difference of the air filter should be checked regularly.

Pay attention to the influence of intake air temperature on the operating conditions of the fan, such as exhaust volume flow, operating load and power, surge possibility, etc., timely adjust the throttle device of the inlet guide vane or butterfly valve to overcome the change in intake temperature on the volume flow The influence of operating load makes the fan operate safely and stably. Always pay attention to and regularly listen to the operating sound of the unit and the vibration of the bearing, that is, take measures, stop and check if necessary, and eliminate the fault after finding the cause. The inspection and maintenance of the motor or gearbox should be done according to the requirements of the manual. Also clean and check the air filter regularly to keep it working properly.

In addition to these accidents mentioned above, the oil filter of the industrial fan should be cleaned regularly, the resistance change of the air filter should be checked frequently, and the cleaning and maintenance should be carried out regularly to keep it working normally.