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Inspection of wear and tear of boiler ventilator and pulverized coal exhaust fan

Sep 28, 2019

The wear of the fan is mainly caused by the friction of the fly ash and fuel particles of the fan, induced fan and exhaust fan entering the fan with air and flue gas. The higher the speed, the greater the particle and concentration of fly ash and fuel, the more serious the wear; if the impeller and casing of the fan use non-wear-resistant materials or inferior materials, will aggravate the wear. In general, the most serious parts of wear are the root and tip of the impeller blade of centrifugal fan, the blade root area is close to the front side of the rear disc or the two sides of the middle disc, and the housing is the top of the tongue of the outlet duct and the part of the casing near the tongue of the cochlea.

Anti-wear measures of Fan

1 The system of the fan unit, near the inlet of the fan, adopts the high-efficiency dust-removing equipment: the electric dust collector, the bag-type dust collector, the cyclone dust collector, the water-bath dust collector, the water film dust collector, the impulse type dust collector, the foam dust collector and the like.

2 Add cast stone or cast iron liner on easy to wear parts of casing and pipe

3 The inlet and outlet angle of the blade should be as small as possible, the circumferential speed should also be properly selected, the material of the blade should be thickened, and the backward formula should be adopted.

4 Easy to wear place spray plating or surfacing cemented carbide, add welding anti-wear block.

5 The deeper the Carburizing layer of the blade is, the better the anti-wear effect is, but the brittleness of the surface layer should be prevented from being too high.https://www.jnblower.com/