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Installation location of centrifugal fans

Feb 15, 2020

1Fan should be set up to avoid more ash, corrosive gas, high humidity, direct sunlight and wind and rain environment, fan surrounding the ground should be kept clean and tidy. Fan matching motor has high requirements for the surrounding environment, so it should be reduced for the above reasons, so special attention should be paid.

2When the fan is set indoors, the structure of the house should be wider and convenient for the movement and opening of the fan, and the door should be wide and high enough.

3 There should be enough space around the fan so that when the fan is running, the personnel can move freely and can meet the needs of daily maintenance.

4 The installation location of the large fan should consider the space that can be placed on the upper housing, rotor, intake box, adjustment door and other accessories, as well as can carry out assembly, disassembly, maintenance and other operations. The fan adopts belt drive, also need to consider the space of motor to correct and replace belt wheel.

5 In determining the layout of the fan, it is necessary not only to consider the installation space of the fan itself, but also to reserve the layout space of the inlet and outlet valve type, the wiring of the prime mover, the oil supply device, the cooling device and the connecting pipeline of oil and water.

6 When setting up multiple typhoon machines in the same place, we should fully consider the mutual interval, layout and so on between the fans, so as to avoid the mutual influence when the fan is running.

7 For large, heavy fan, should be equipped with crane, electric hoist and other lifting devices; small and medium fan according to its use, such as impeller need to be replaced frequently, and so on.