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Installation of centrifugal fan

Jan 16, 2017

1, the installation of centrifugal blower unit as a whole, should not be placed directly on the base paired helical horns leveling.

2, assemble the centrifugal fan, on the base of the cutting should be properly protected and there should be no corrosion or operating base when placed on a base, application of tilting pad railway leveling.

3, the bearing should be closely integrated with the base, vertical level should not exceed 0.2/1000, measured with a spirit level on the spindle, end of lateral level should not exceed 0.3/1000, with level meter in measuring on the horizontal surface of the bearing seat.

4, bearing the Institute before scraping the rotor axis and axis of the housing correction, and adjust the clearance between impeller and inlet and spindle casing clearance between side plates after bore, to comply with the equipment technical documentation requirements.

5, spindle and bearing Assembly should be carried out according to equipment technical documentation inspection. Bearing cap should remain between Bush and 0.03~0.04-mm interference fit (measure the outside diameter of the bearing and the bearing seat diameter).

6, when the fan housing Assembly, rotor axis should be the baseline alignment position of the housing and the impeller inlet and case inlets between the axial and radial clearance of high-speed technical documents to equipment within the scope of, and check whether the bolts fastening. Clearance values such as the equipment technical documentation provided, Normal axial clearance of impeller diameter 1/100,, radial clearance should be evenly distributed, its value should be 1.5/1000~3/1000 of the outside diameter of the impeller (small outer diameter Max value). Small adjustment to clearance values in order to improve the efficiency of wind turbine.