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Installation Operation of centrifugal Fan for Plastics Machinery and matters needing attention

Mar 22, 2019

Before installation, the plastic mechanical centrifugal fan shall check the parts and parts of the equipment. During operation, the machine parts such as the impeller, the main shaft and the bearing shall be inspected specially and carefully. If the damage is found, it shall be repaired.

The following points must be noted in the process of installation of the centrifugal fan for plastic machinery:

1. On some bonding surfaces, grease or mechanical oil should be applied to prevent rust and reduce disassembly difficulties.

2. The bolt on the joint face should not be tightened too tightly, otherwise the bearing temperature should be increased.

3. Check the inside of the casing and other casing, and there shall be no tools or sundries falling into and leaving.

4. When installing the fan, the weight of the pipeline should not be added to the casing, the clearance size between the inlet and the impeller should be corrected according to the drawing, and the shaft should be in a horizontal position.

5. When the inlet pipe is installed, it can be connected directly by the bolt of the inlet itself, and the inlet is fixed by three countersunk head screws.

6. When the air outlet is put into an angle, the position of the rear cover plate is not fixed, so that the label can be kept in the horizontal position.

7. After the installation of the plastic centrifugal fan, turn the rotor to check if there is too tight or collision phenomenon. Tests can only be carried out without over tightening and collision.

8. After the installation of the motor, a pulley shield shall be installed, such as a shield (net) or other devices (provided by the user) when the air inlet is not connected to the air intake pipe. www.jnblower.com