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Installation procedure of centrifugal ventilator

Aug 24, 2019

1 Put the housing and bearing seat on the basis, put on the anchor bolt, straighten the housing, not fixed for the time being.

2 The impeller is pierced into the housing, the side cover plate of the case is installed, and then the motor is suspended on the basis.

3 Install and adjust the pulley.

4 Correction and leveling of bearing seat. Because the bearing seat should be used as the housing, the correction and leveling standard of the motor, so the shaft center of the bearing seat can not be lower than the center of the housing, and the axis center of the coupling can not be lower than that of the motor axis. After the bearing seat is corrected and leveled, it is best to grouting and fix it first.

5 The impeller of the fan shall be calibrated by the coupling. The casing shall be level-corrected with the impeller as the standard. The wall surface of the casing and the rear disc of the impeller or the plane of the intermediate plate are required to be parallel, and the parallel accuracy shall be carried out according to the design requirements of the drawing, and the center of the shaft hole of the casing and the center of the impeller are overlapped.