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Installation process and method of axial flow fan

Nov 02, 2020

Installation process and method of axial flow fan

1. The horizontal grid division unit should basically assemble the lower side of the main body of the wind, the bearing seat and the housing seat, etc., and use it as a counter-tilt iron to smooth.

2. When assembling the direct sub-units: first place the air inlet on the base, and install the bearing seat after correcting the inclined shim.

And the bearing seat and the base should be flat and symmetrical. Take the brake air chamber seal ring as a rule, and install the main shaft into the rolling bearing.

The parallelism between the side main shaft and the brake inlet chamber should not exceed 2, and then install the centrifugal impeller, housing, stator and diffuser one after the other.

3. The installation level error of the column-type unit should not exceed 0.01. Use a level to place the basin above the wheel level.

The level error of the column type unit with typical reducer should not be exceeded. .01 Qin. And the side basin should be developed on the production and processing surface of the reducer.

4. The vertical and olive horizontal error of horizontal grid division unit and vertical sub-unit should not exceed 0.01%.

Use a level to place the bangs on the surface of the center of the main shaft and the bearing seat respectively,

The mesh degree of the two rolling bearing holes and the main journal should not exceed the price of 0.1.

5. The installation perspective of each blade. X-check and calibration should be carried out according to the requirements of the technical documentation of the machine and equipment.

The permissible error is ±2’ and the responsive claws fix the blades. When removing the blades from the wheel stage as shown in the book.

Be sure to match the seven-seat commercial vehicle according to the logo. Avoid dislocation and replacement of glass damaged motor rotor balance. If the blades are bad, when the poultry is replaced, it must be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the technical documentation of the machinery and equipment.