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Installation requirements for centrifugal blowers

Jun 15, 2019

Centrifugal blower is a kind of high speed rotating machinery, and the assembly accuracy is strict. At the same time, it is the key equipment of pressure gas supply in various industrial processes, so it must run safely and stably. Therefore, starting from the blower itself and the requirements of use, it is required that the blower must be carefully operated in accordance with the random technical documents and the technological requirements of the industrial process in the process of installation and construction to ensure the installation quality.

After installation, the centrifugal blower unit must ensure that:

1. Each machine of the unit is firm and non-deformed and fixed in the position of the designed space coordinates.

2. Adjust each machine of the unit to meet the factory inspection requirements(cleanliness, coaxiality, clearance value, runout value, contact trace, tightness, adjustable property and reliability).

3. The axis line of each rotor of the unit can form a continuous and smooth curve in operation.

4. The thermal expansion and contraction of the unit and pipeline shall not affect the normal operation of the unit

5. In the specified continuous operation time, the operation is stable, safe and reliable, and the performance meets the design requirements. Only by meeting the above installation quality points can the unit run stably and safely for a long time and give full play to the production efficiency. www.jnblower.com