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Instructions before installation of ventilator

Aug 16, 2019

1 Familiar with the design drawings, materials, instructions and other design documents of the installation object.

2 Check the accessories, parts specifications and quantities of the ventilator according to the packing list, and then check the appearance, such as corrosion of the shell, sunken damage, deformation and bruising of the rotor, etc.

3 For the problems checked out´╝îincluding design, equipment, construction and other issues, should be submitted to the relevant departments to solve immediately, otherwise the installation work can not be carried out.

4 The inspection list should be kept by a special person, the small parts should be kept with the original box nail, the ventilator and motor should be protected from rain shed, the bottom of the product should be provided with cushion wood, and the product should be placed or sunk in mud and water in the open air.

5 Note that the above work should be carried out with the competent department responsible for equipment supply, and make a detailed checking record.