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Introduction and Structure of Air Conditioner Fan

Oct 15, 2020

The air-conditioning fan is a new, energy-saving, high-efficiency, variable-speed, low-noise centrifugal fan. The fan is compact in structure, easy to install, small in size, large in air volume, high in pressure, and small in vibration. It is equipped with three-phase pressure regulation. It can implement stepless speed regulation. It is especially suitable for ventilating places with strict noise requirements and large air volume changes. It is an ideal accessory product for air conditioning, purification and other industries.

Air-conditioning fan The air-conditioning fan is mainly composed of a casing, an impeller, an air inlet and an outer rotor motor.

Case: The whole body is made of galvanized steel sheet or high-quality cold-rolled sheet. Its shape is smooth, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and durable.

Impeller: The forward multi-wing circular arc blade is riveted and formed with the front disc and the middle disc, and undergoes strict dynamic and static balance correction to ensure stable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

Air inlet: After die processing, the cross section parallel to the axis is streamlined, which makes the gas smooth and low resistance.

Outer rotor motor: The two shaft ends of the motor are fixed on the air inlet, and the impeller is directly connected to the rotating shell of the motor, which reduces the transmission loss and improves the efficiency of the fan.