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Is the impeller the key to determine the working efficiency of centrifugal fan?

Mar 30, 2019

The impeller is also a rather important small part for a centrifugal fan. It also strives for the efficient work of centrifugal fan invisibly. The size and shape of impeller have a direct effect on the performance and efficiency of centrifugal fan.

Impeller is a circular driven centrifugal fan blade rotating parts, impeller is composed of front cover, rear cover, hub. There are many forms of front cover of centrifugal fan impeller, such as conical front disk, flat front disk, circular arc front disk and so on.

The impeller of the flat disk is relatively simple to make compared with other forms, but the flat shape is very unfavorable to the flow of air, so that the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan will decrease with it. The conical impeller and the arc impeller are much more complex to manufacture than the flat disk impeller, but their shape is very conducive to the flow of air, and the strength of the two forms of impeller is also better, and the safety factor is also relatively increased. The multi-factor set thus improves the efficiency of centrifugal fan.

The impeller diameter and impeller width of centrifugal fan determine the flow rate and pressure of the fan. The narrower the impeller width, the smaller the area of the inlet and outlet, and the greater the pressure of the centrifugal fan as soon as the speed of the fan is fast. Therefore, the size of the impeller is also the key to determine whether the centrifugal fan is efficient or not.www.jnblower.com