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Key points for acceptance of centrifugal fan and precautions

Jun 07, 2019

The centrifugal fan mainly relies on the input mechanical energy during the operation, and effectively improves the mechanical performance of the gas pressure side-by-side feeding gas when the centrifugal fan is in use, and is a driven fluid machine. We must pay more attention to the acceptance of the centrifugal fan in order to ensure the safe use of the equipment.


Key points of acceptance of centrifugal Fan

1. The overall dimension of the centrifugal fan shall be in accordance with the drawing size.

2. The design of the housing and leg of the fan must ensure sufficient strength and stiffness, and the normal operation of the centrifugal fan should not be affected when the external force and external moment at the interface flange reach the allowable value.

3. The connection structure between impeller and shaft must ensure that the balance state of rotor will not be changed at normal working speed until tripping speed.

4, the noise at 1 m from the main body of the fan shall not be greater than the normal noise standard requirements of the place where it is used.

5. The motor shall be designed according to the operating conditions, and the rated power of the motor shall be at least 1.1 times the power required for operating working conditions; and the motor can be started at the flow rate and meet the requirements of frequent start-up.

6, the motor equipped with centrifugal fan should be in accordance with the national standard, the current protection grade should also be ip54.f grade insulation, the temperature rise meets the requirements of class b insulation, and the motor wiring box protection grade ip65.

7, the fan motor can ensure that the motor can run continuously under full load when the short circuit power loss of the power grid is less than 0.5 seconds and then immediately returns to normal.

8. when the voltage decreases to 85% and lasts 20 seconds, the fan motor can run continuously at rated power without overheating.

9, the marking motor model standard is clear, easy to inspect goods, need to mark the motor bearing model, easy to maintain.www.jnblower.com